About the CYC Entertainment Committee

The Entertainment Committee shall take charge of such entertainment activities, as the Board of Directors deem advisable.

The Chair shall organize and coordinate all social events held at CYC. The Chair shall be responsible for coordinating expenditures within the overall entertainment budget and the preparation of the following year’s entertainment budget. 

The Chair may appoint assistants as needed to be responsible for specific events, including but not limited to, Change of Command dinner, Opening Day activities, New Years Eve, Christmas Tree Trimming, Regatta dinners, SDAYC, SCYA, YRU etc dinners, and other events as planned. 

The Chair shall establish standard procedures as necessary for the smooth operation of social events. It is the Board policy that dinners shall be planned to be revenue neutral.

Specifics for Club events:

  1. The standard reservation closing time is 72 hours prior to each event. If a member cancels after this time limit, and the office does not have a waiting list, the member is charged full price.
  2. Coordinate with the Club caterer on dinners and caterer-supported events.
  3. Assign assistants for functions well prior to the event and assign a budget.
  4. Arrange for each events entertainment, if desired, with-in budget limits.
  5. Establish prices for dinners with the intent of breaking even on costs.
  6. Arrange for the office staff to keep and maintain each events reservation list.
  7. Coordinate with the Club Manager the table set-up and linen order.
  8. Arrange to have tables set by members.
  9. Arrange for decorations for each dinner or event.
  10. Arrange to have two (2) members checking in guests and collecting money.

Current CYC Entertainment Committee

NameCommittee TitleE-mail AddressPhone Number
Erin Yeakle Committee Chair   
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